I am so sick of ignorant people.

Everywhere I go I see people who just cannot seem to figure simple things out.  Me and some people who I have personally decided are smart enough are making this blog in our small attempt to set the world right.

We might not discuss important issues here all the time but at least we will be right.

I want us to point out the general “dumbness” that is all around us.  If you are smart.  REAL SMART.  And would like to help us write on this blog, then fill out a comment on this page and ask to be an author for us.  ONLY put the text “I understand your mission and would like to write for you” in the comment!!  Put anything else and we will know you’re an idiot who cannot read and you will be ignored.  If you do follow the instructions we will contact you via email.

Enjoy our site.  Learn something.

Highlight (select) this text to read it easily.   If you are reading this part you are actually learning something.  That this site is just an experiment.  The posts on this blog do not nessessarily represent the view of the authors or anyone.  It is all for fun.  We want to see how many people will get inflamed by these posts and start name calling, trolling, etc.  So, if you read this then JOIN IN THE FUN.  Post a nonsense comment and defend it!  Join the ignorance that is “The Blog for Geniuses”!  But PLEASE, keep the secret of this blog a secret.  Let our experiment run it’s 36 month course.  Let’s see how people react to mass ignorance and inflamitory nonsense.
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